Star Trek Online Mastery Guide

Star Trek Online Mastery Guide

"A Complete Blueprint To Dominating The Star Trek Online Universe"

Star Trek OnlineDear STO player,

If you feel frustrated with the complexity of Star Trek Online or think leveling is too slow, you are not alone. Many players feel the same, just as I did when I first started playing. But all that is about to change!

I've spend months playing the game in beta and live and just as much time researching on forums, community sites and fan blogs. I've analyzed through and through all the strategies and info and decided to unleash my secret findings to everyone.

Star Trek Online Mastery Guide is a unique guide teaching you everything you need to know about the game and more. This guide is perfect for any kind of player regardless of play style, career choice or ship preference. If you didn't even choose which career you want to play STO Mastery will help you even with that!

Star Trek Online Mastery

Here's what STO Mastery Contains:

  • Leveling Guide - Stop grinding missions with low yields and find out which ones are best to gain equipment, Skill Points and Energy Credits. I've broken down various types of missions in STO and give you invaluable info which will cut down your leveling time in half!
  • Career Guide - Find out the differences of Science, Engineering and Tactical characters and choose the one which best fits your play style
  • Professions Guide - Clueless as to what professions do in Star Trek Online? You will love this part!
  • Traits Guide - My list of all available traits is a definite must-read before creating your first character. Comes with recommendations on best traits for Federation, Klingons and custom races!
  • Ship Guide - Forget about everything you think you know about ships and find out the simple truth in my Ship Guide! Also includes recommendation on best ships, details about ship weaponry, defenses and more!
  • Skills Guide - if you have any questions about Skills, Abilities or Skill Points this guide will answer them all! A full list of available player skills and abilities along with recommendations is almost priceless. A must have reference!
  • and more: Bridge Officers, Accolades, Mission Rewards, Space & Ground Equipment, Kits, Ranks & Levels, ... STO Mastery contains everything you will ever need!


Did you check out my guide yet? What do you think?

Heya, I just purchased the guide and I must say it's great! Thanks for the hard work.

Thanks for the guide. I skimmed thru it quickly & it looks awesome. I'm not sure if you understood my meaning about the price of your guide though. I don't think you are charging enough!

* these testimonials are taken from actual emails I received!

Money Back Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee!

I'm absolutely confident that the information and strategies inside my guide work and if you're not satisfied with it after 30 days you can request a refund.

You have absolutely nothing to lose!


Still Not Convinced? Why You Should Get Star Trek Online Mastery :

  • Instant Download 24/7! Start putting my strategies to work right away!
  • Easy to read and understand
  • 100% legit: contains absolutely no cheats, exploits, hacks or other illegal content or tools
  • Lots of additional bonus guides
  • A comprehensive FAQ useful for both new and veteran players explaining the most frequently asked questions
  • No additional monthly charges like my competitors!
  • Full money back guarantee!

Star Trek Online Mastery Guide is a complete all-in-one strategy guide for Star Trek Online with unprecedented amount of content and the best tips, tricks and strategies which will teach you all you must know about the game.

STO Mastery MembershipWhy spend weeks or months leveling slowly and finding out everything yourself when you can be lightyears ahead of other players.

Gain an advantage today and find out exactly how to dominate the Star Trek Online universe!


Sign me up for Star Trek Online Mastery and show me how to rank up in record time!

Yes I understand that these clear and easy to follow strategy guide contains no hacks, exploits or cheats and nothing of that sort.

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Yes I understand I can get my money back even after 30 days if I don't find the guide useful!

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I hope you are smart enough to read my guide even before making your character so you don't make the same mistakes I did. Not everything can be reversed so be sure to know what you're getting into before creating your first character!

Order my Star Trek Online Mastery Guide now and avoid making the same mistakes everyone else does!
Yours Sincerely,
Admiral Will C.

Star Trek Mastery

P.S. Don't forget Star Trek Online Mastery is the ONLY guide of it's kind and offers invaluable info. Unlike some other guides I actually offer useful information you can put to use, and with a full money back guarantee!

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